Ready Colombia for my First World Cup with my Tocayo “James”

My Mommy dressed me up Today with my Family Roots… OK, I said Let’s SEE Who are they???? Never met them.

Got Ready and started yelling for my Grandparents country’s Team: COLOMBIA


… For the First time in 16 years we are at the World Cup. “My First World Cup”     … Already!

Wow Time flies here!!!

I would not miss it for the World… After all I am Made with “Colombian Parts” 😉

Oh Boy, Tocayo “James”: You Did It !!! @JamesDRodriguez

In my Mothers side (Grandpas) country Colombia, you call Tocayo a person with your same Name. “James”


Thank you for My First World Cup I will never forget it….

Thallis “James” your Tocayo ~ You are my 1st Goal ….wait a minute… More like 5… Wow!

P.S: Tocayo “James” all I need from You now is if You can Teach me those moves 🙂

Colombian Dance


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